Police keep peace and mood

Last night as one of the Northern Star’s editors left Taco Bell, he headed home toward Eco Park and was greeted by a swarm of celebrating White Sox fans.

It was about 12:35 a.m. when he met the mob of nearly 100 people parading in the middle of Annie Glidden Road. As some cars ahead of him turned around and quickly fled back to a side road, he decided to get into the right lane and let the mob pass. The group was heading south at the time from the Starbusters area and making its way toward campus.

After minor bangs and rattles were inflicted upon his mid-’90s Ford station wagon, the mob passed and he proceeded home – no harm, no foul.

Part of the reason he decided to simply let the mob pass him without being struck by the intense fear some of the cars in front of him felt was he saw the lights and presence of the DeKalb police following closely behind the marchers. He knew things weren’t going to go too far with the police right there. The police presence brought with it a degree of security.

Some may say, “What kind of moron drives into a mob and then stops to let them pass?”

The police had things under control, as they did into the wee hours, making the situation seem far less threatening than it could have been. They did a fantastic job all through Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

The DeKalb Police Department and the University Police should be commended for their efforts in controlling a potentially crazy situation and allowing area residents to feel safe on such an unbelievable night.

Another great thing about the police control was they allowed the students and DeKalb residents to enjoy a night no one had seen in almost 90 years. It was terrific.

Shouts of “Go Sox!” were heard over and over again. Bars exploded with exuberance after the final out of an incredible game. It was a great night for every Chicago baseball fan, even those Cubs fans who were given hope that their turn is next.

There were some street signs torn down and even a broken window or two, but there were no major worries as the mob of “rioters” simply wanted to celebrate by marching through the streets of DeKalb and campus. The police presence kept a watchful eye and an open ear for any change in the moods here on campus. Many of the celebrating rioters had been to the bars and were not in full mental clarity, but, again, the watchful eyes of the law were there as guides.

Thank you, local law enforcement personnel, for your time and for your efforts. We appreciate your control and your protection and for allowing us to celebrate a truly remarkable season by a truly remarkable team.

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 2005, is a day that will live in the memories of many Chicago baseball fans forever, and we thank you for making those memories truly positive.

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