Riots cause lots of noise after Sox win

By Andrew Schlesser

After the Chicago White Sox clinched the World Series late Wednesday night, hundreds of people poured from their residence hall rooms and apartments onto the streets to do one thing: make a lot of noise.

DeKalb Police Lt. Carl Leoni said he got called out of bed to help the DeKalb police keep the situation under control.

“Overall the crowd wasn’t too bad,” Leoni said. “But there are always a few people who get the need to do something.”

A window in the Grant North lobby was broken by a celebrating crowd, but overall there was minimal damage throughout campus and DeKalb.

Some afternoon shift police officers had been held over in anticipation of activity of the pending celebration, Leoni said.

Once outside, the crowd of several hundred people began moving through the city streets and slowly grew in size as more people caught on to the contagious atmosphere, police said.

One stop sign was torn from the ground, and another was damaged by the crowd that eventually traveled in two large circles across the campus, Leoni said.

Once they made their way back to campus, the crowd slowly dispersed as people passed their homes. About 150 people kept the celebration alive by throwing bottles and gravel around.

The smaller crowd tried to move back onto the streets of DeKalb, but were met with a line of 20 police officers, Leoni said.

By that time it was nearly 3 a.m. and the fuel that kept the noise levels up ran dry as people decided it was time for bed.