Sevendust: Next

By Matt Lee

Every couple of years, Sevendust releases a new album fans typically feel is the group’s best effort. This was the reaction when the group released “Animosity” in 2001 and also when they released “Seasons” in 2003. However true that may have been for those albums, it’s not the case with its newest album, “Next.”

It’s unfortunate Sevendust, who has always had great potential, still struggles to be one of the stand-out bands in rock music. The fact is, Sevendust has failed to go the extra mile and attract new fans. Not only has Sevendust lost original guitarist Clint Lowery, but it has also lost a sense of musical consistency. Sevendust is not the great band it should be.

“Next” has the hype and potential to be one of Sevendust’s best albums, but fails on so many different levels to be the album it could have been.

“Silence,” a prime example of the disarray that is the new Sevendust, gives off heavy metal tones one minute and then a slower, repetitive chorus the next. “Hero,” a similar track, serves up the same heavy metal, but still plays the repetitive lyrics to the point of boredom.

Overall, the new album takes Sevendust to an all-new level. Unfortunately, it’s a step in the wrong direction. “Ugly” and “Pieces,” which sound like a weakened Slipknot, will more than likely please the old fans of Sevendust. However, Lowery’s absence is evident due to the lack of catchy guitar riffs. It’s a shame this album had to suffer.