God has nothing to do with gun-holding rights

In response to Paul LaLonde’s column on Gun Control (Oct. 19): If Lalonde is so concerned with rights, namely “God given” ones, I’d like him to explain what rights are and what it really means to have them. How could someone such as LaLonde, who seems intelligent and well-spoken enough, even think of saying God gave us the right to bear arms?

First of all, God should never be saddled with something so filthy.

Second, I can’t even begin to fairly evaluate his position until he ceases the paranoid partisan raving about some liberal conspiracy to enslave all of mankind – starting with the U.S. – through gun control. He needs to step back and look at what his own party has contributed to the current state of the world. Stop blaming others, take a little responsibility yourself, LaLonde, and leave God out of it.

Emily Strom

Senior, philosophy