Mommy, I’m hurt

It seems like every year in the NFL a new rule comes, goes, or gets modified.

Pass interference was changed years ago.

Instant replay came and went.

The 30-second clock became the 45-second clock, which this year became the 40-second clock.

A couple of years ago they changed the rule about players running out of bounds. Now, instead of the clock stopping, it continues to roll on as soon as the referee places the ball on the line of scrimmage.

You get my point. It seems like every year the rules committee decides that something is wrong with the game and changes a rule or two.

This year was no different.

In 1993 the hierachy of the NFL decided to change what I thought was one of the best rules in the game.

Intentional grounding.

In years past a quaterback was not allowed to simply dump off a pass to an open area on or off the field to avoid a sack. Now the intentional grounding penalty will almost never be called because of a ludicrous rule change.

This year if a QB is flushed towards the sidelines by a defender, he is allowed to fling the pigskin as far away from enemy players as he deems necessary.

This rule is meant to save the poor, weak saps that usually hold the team’s success and failure squarely on their shoulders.

What the rule in essence does is destroy the integrity of the game.

Quaterbacks, in most cases, are not weak and feeble. Instead they are grown men with more speed and agility than the mean, nasty linemen chasing them down.

If a QB is being chased towards the sidelines, he should either be forced to run out of bounds or take a chance and throw into tight coverage.

Wait. I’ve got a better rule.

Two-hand touch. Imagine how many QB’s this would save.

No more with rib-crackling tackles. No more unbearable headaches as the QB is flung to the turf. Two hands and he’s down.

Yes, probably too radical, but the NFL just may do something along those lines before the turn of the century.

Perhaps flag football for the QB’s.

You never know.