Area businesses showcased in ‘City Scenes’

By Dan Jacobsen

DeKalb residents had a chance to take horse-drawn carriages, eat free food and enjoy live piano music Thursday night at the Egyptian Theater as part of a showcase of DeKalb merchants.

The Daily Chronicle, the Downtown DeKalb Association, The Egyptian Theater and TMC Graphics sponsored “City Scenes” 1993 Bistros and Boutiques.

Sixteen different merchants from restaurants to clothing stores and gift shops showcased their products and services In the lobby of the Egyptian Theater. Along with the free horse-drawn carriage rides around the downtown area, visitors were invited to enter a raffle to win $350 in script money (money spent in DeKalb Chamber of Comerce stores only).

All the proceeds went into the construction fund for the Adventures in Barbland project.

Hungry visitors were served delicious chicken flautas and scallop sevicaha free by Eduardo’s Mexican Restaurant, and eight different wines were tasted compliments of DeKalb Liquor Mart.

The seven clothing stores had informal modeling of their various wear throughout the evening. Nancy Kroll, owner of Jacqueline’s, a clothing store for women, said, “The idea behind ‘City Scenes’ is to let people know what’s in downtown DeKalb and what we have to offer.”

Kroll, who was surrounded by an entourage of models, said she thinks the event will help her store. “I know it (City Scenes) will help business.”

Beverly Willrett, owner of the Plaid Rabbit and member of the Downtown DeKalb Association, said she hopes “City Scenes” will become a tradition in DeKalb.

“We are very well pleased with the attendance. This is the first time we have done this and we hope it will become an annual event,” she said.

Willrett said the Downtown DeKalb Association is an organization of DeKalb merchants that work to bring business to the area.

“Tonight’s event is some of the community businesses coming together in a united effort in a showcase hoping DeKalb shoppers will shop in DeKalb instead of leaving,” she said. “We want to show that we have quality items.”

Other merchants present were Gallery Plus, Finn’s LTD., Johnson ABC, Wright’s Jewelry, By Holly, Rag Durgo, Gontermans, Creatings, The Clothes Horse, Pauli’s Taste of Italy and Leave It To Dale.