Police investigate strong armed robberies

By Chelsea Irving

DeKalb police are following up leads from two strong armed robberies that occurred last weekend.

The first incident occurred Saturday evening at James Court Apartments, 2529 W. First St. The victim was walking to her apartment when she was robbed.

A man came up from behind the woman and grabbed her purse. He then fled from the scene on foot.

The second strong armed robbery took place a few hours later, early Sunday morning. The suspect in that case stole $592 from a victim in the area of Fourth Street and Lincoln Highway.

A strong armed robbery is defined as the taking of something of value forcibly, but not necessarily with a weapon. This differs from standard robberies in that those involve only a threat of force.

DeKalb Police Chief Don Berke said both investigations are pending, and police do have some leads.

Berke said the two cases are “not related at all.” The locations and circumstances of the two are very different.

Berke said the two strong armed robberies this weekend do not indicate a rise in the overall level of such crimes. He described the occurrence of strong armed robberies as “hit or miss.” He said, “We might go months without any and then one or two will occur close together like this.”

In the first case last weekend, K-9 Max from the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office was brought in. Berke said the decision to use a K-9 differs depending on the circumstances of each case, and the availability of a dog and handler.

The K-9 was used in that case because there were fresh footprints in the grass. However, the dog was unable to find the suspect.

Berke said he feels the occurrence of the incidents is unfortunate, and he asks people to be more cautious.

The police discourage people from carrying large sums of money. Also, when carrying a purse, have it under control, Berke suggested.