“Spike Jonz music video for Fatboy Slims’ ‘Praise You'”

By Genevieve Diesing

They don’t play this video on MTV anymore, but I saw it on a DVD collection of some of Spike Jonz’s work – it is hilarious. Spike Jonz and his “posse” practiced this elaborate dance routine to perform in front of a movie theater.

The group pieces together “dance” moves which are so odd and ungraceful one wonders why anybody would bother to learn them. The group (which consists of older, somewhat out of shape men and women) are flopping around in this big circle and loving it. It’s ridiculous dancing, but it’s meant to be. Watching the group take it so seriously is just part of the humor.

At the end, Jonz pays tribute to his “homies,” and I got a stomachache from laughing too hard.