Men help distressed woman on Fotis Drive

By Andrew Schlesser

Two good samaritans stopped to help a victim of a sexual assault Sunday.

The incident began just before 5 a.m. when two men driving down Fotis Drive stopped to help a distressed girl in the middle of the road.

The victim said she had been assaulted at a nearby apartment.

“Despite what she told the guys who helped her, what she told the police did not constitute as rape,” said DeKalb Police Lt. Jim Kayes.

The men questioned her for a description and location of the people who had assaulted her but the victim would not cooperate, Kayes said.

The men offered the victim a ride to their place so she could sleep on the couch, which she agreed to.

Upon arrival at their home in the Eco Park area, one man suggested calling the police to report what happened but the victim became upset and threatened to leave if the police became involved, Kayes said.

But eventually, he called the police anyway.

The DeKalb police arrived and talked with all three people involved.

The victim reported being at a tavern earlier in the evening. There she met two male strangers who invited her to a party on Fotis Drive.

She said she went with them to the party but could not recall which building or where on Fotis Drive the party occurred.

The woman told police the behavior of the strangers made her feel uncomfortable and she ran away.

The victim did not describe the suspects and never said anything to the police concerning sexual assault, Kayes said.

She then advised she did not need any more assistance.

Police talked to the two men that helped the victim and both gave similar stories.

The police decided the victim should be taken somewhere where she would not be among strangers.

Police contacted friends of the victim and dropped her off at a safe residence.

“If the victim is able to care for themselves and not incapacitated, we have to accept what they tell us”, Kayes said.