Get the facts

In regards to Stacy Christiansen’s column of Sept. 10, I have a response: “WWAAHH!” I certainly wish people would get their facts straight and realize what’s going on around them before they flap their big fingers on a typewriter.

First of all Ms. Christiansen, women are soldiers! Ask any women currently serving in the U.S. Army what they are, and they will respond clearly, “I am a soldier!.” However, women do not serve as combat soldiers. The main reason being that the Defense Department does not wish to send women into combat situations. Now women say that if they want to go that they should be allowed. That’s all fine and dandy, but that is not an option for their male counterparts. Men don’t get to choose whether or not they wish to die? Take it from a veteran, the answer is NO! On the same note, do you have any idea how long it is going to take to make proper accommodations for women on combat ships? Why don’t you serve six years in the Navy and you’ll get an answer on how long it takes to overhaul a ship.

Secondly, this so called “white, male, middle class ideology” is what this country was founded on. If you don’t like what this country was founded on, open up your map and find the quickest route to Canada.

You’re right about one thing, affirmative action is not the answer. The best jobs should go to the people who are most qualified. But, if you’re going to cry about who gets the quality education in this country, I suggest you open up your history books and find out how Abraham Lincoln got his education. While you’re at it, find out how Malcolm X got so smart. It’s called self education. If you don’t like what you’re being taught, then teach yourself!

Finally, let’s discuss gender discrimination. Let’s talk about the Michigan Women’s Musical Festival. These wonderfully liberated ladies wouldn’t let a man in their festival if it meant sacrificing their own life. How idiotic is that? Ms. Christiansen, please explain this. How many all-male schools are left in this country? The Citadel is all that remains, and that is about to crumble. How far do you think I would get if I tried to attend an all women’s school? I would be called a pervert or a radical for wanting to do so. Now, where is the gender discrimination, Ms. Christiansen?

This has not been a whiny letter from the other side crying about inequality. Yes, there are still many inequalities in the world, for all sides. But pointing the finger doesn’t work. It’s called reality, just think about it. My point here is to make sure that people get all the facts straight and view both sides before they decide to put their ideas on paper and call it a column.

Andrew S. Kida

Non-traditional Freshman

Theatre Education