Sigur Ros: Takk

By Matt Lee

Music can be very disappointing sometimes. Sigur Ros’s new album, “Takk,” is one of those disappointments.

Unfortunately, calling this album a disappointment can’t be considered justice. Calling this album completely and utterly awful can’t be considered justice either.

In fact, if Sigur Ros fell off the face of the Earth and was never heard from again, it still wouldn’t be considered justice for the time wasted and money spent on this aggravating, disregard for music.

Each of the songs found on “Takk” sounds exactly the same. They sound so much alike that the whole album might as well be considered one lengthy song. “Glosoli,” the first single off the album, is no exception. Sigur Ros can be considered upbeat in a few songs, such as “Hoppipolla” or “Gong,” but it might be more enjoyable to sit and listen to the less irritating sounds of traffic driving down the street.

This particular group contains an overly whinny lead singer, whose voice is completely cluttered, and a band that is so mellow and boring they must not mind putting their listeners to sleep. Without the lyrics, listeners could easily mistake the group for a beginning high school band that started practicing for the very first time.

Sigur Ros’s “Takk” can go down in history as a complete waste of effort and the only reason anyone should even consider listening to it is to decide for themselves how truly horrible it really is.