Lt. Gov. cancels textbook speech

By Tom Bukowski

Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn was scheduled to speak at NIU Wednesday about increasing college textbook prices.

Yet, rising gas prices got in the way, said Quinn’s policy adviser John Cpin.

Quinn was asked by Gov. Rod Blagojevich to join him at the 2005 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, where the two awarded grants to Illinois gas stations to convert regular gas pumps into E-85 hybrid ethanol pumps.

Blagojevich and Quinn hope the hybrid ethanol fuel, which is between 15 and 50 cents cheaper than normal gas, will save drivers money, according to a press release from the governor’s office.

Quinn was to speak about his College Textbook Initiative 2005 project, which mapped out five reforms Quinn hopes will decrease the financial burden of college textbooks on college students. Quinn canceled an appearance at Illinois State University as well.

NIU student trustee Andrew Nelms, who was also supposed to speak at the event, said he understood why Quinn needed to cancel and commended his efforts to help college students.

“I’m happy that the issue has been brought to light and that it has received the attention of the Lt. Governor,” Nelms said.

Nelms encourages NIU students to take an active role in the issue. He recommends students write their state representatives, take advantage of online textbook sellers and textbook exchanges.

Students also may visit Quinn’s College Textbook Initiative 2005 Web site,, where students share tips and information about buying college textbooks and find more information about the project’s proposed reforms.

Quinn hopes to reschedule his appearance at NIU, Cpin said.