Den offers entertainment, atmosphere

By Seth Endres

It’s past 11 p.m. on a Saturday night.

There are parties. People are hanging out, relaxing and walking around here and there, but not many in the main areas of the Holmes Student Center.

“Sometimes it’s busy,” said Anirudha Sharma, a public health major graduate student who works at the HSC hotel. “It’s slow after 11 p.m. [and] most people head over to the Huskies Den.”

Although many people spend their evenings safely tucked away in the Huskies Den, there are several things to keep in mind when wandering around in the HSC.

First, security guards are just doing their job when they nicely ask a loitering person to leave. Also, people sleep in the hotel, so being quiet and polite is key, or the aforementioned security guard may respectfully ask you to leave. In addition, when wandering around, a person can find where others are in the HSC by going to the loudest place.

The Huskies Den is easy to find since a pin could be heard dropping everywhere else.

At 11:30 p.m., only five of the pool tables were being used at the Huskies Den, one by Joe Stuckel, a freshman accountancy major.

“I usually come once a week, on Friday or Saturday,” said Stuckel, who had been there since 10 p.m. and planned to head home soon.

The Den offers more than bowling and billiards, however.

“Occasionally we get Dance Dance Revolution people and on Wednesday we play cards,” said Ryan McDaniel, a freshman psychology and business management major who has been employed at the Huskies Den for about a month.

The Den also gets its fair share of strange visitors as well.

“It’s been pretty ordinary today, but yesterday, a guy was doing a social experiment,” said Jasmin Weisz, a senior psychology and communications major. “He dressed up as a white coyote, played DDR, walked around, and took a picture with some people.”

For students looking to “just hang out and relax,” such as Kendra Caple, a freshman psychology major, the Huskies Den may provide an alternative to partying or wandering around on those late Saturday nights.

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