Intramural softball shows substance

By Lacy Searcy

The 16-player softball tournament finals were held Monday night at the Marybell Softball Stadium. The Northern Star’s critical eye was there to break down the good and bad of the tourney’s championship.

Independent Championship

We Get All the Calls 8

Yegabumers 4

A mixture of good defense and base hits was the key to victory for WGATC.

Yegabumers’ defense was not too sharp at all. Giving up key hits at the end of the game. Poor hitting and pitching was the reason why they lost.

Co Rec Championship

We Get All The Calls 17

Shockers 5

From the beginning to end, WGATC dominated the Shockers. This game was never a contest. Referees stopped the game in the fifth inning because of the blowout rule. WGATC players hit every pitch thrown their way. The Shockers defense was not a factor. Pitching was bad. Fielding was bad. Hitting was bad. The game was just bad for the Shockers.

Greek Competitive Championship

Sig Eps Strength Honor 8

AKL House 3

Sig Eps played good fundamental softball to beat AKLH. Referees made close-calls near the end of the game that may be of cost the AKLH a victory. AKLH players body language showed how they felt about the refs calls. The game was closer then the score seemed. Despite all of the controversial calls, AKLH still had a chance to win.

Greek Highly Competitive

Sig Eps Dynasty 20

Pips Gold 11

Extra innings was the only thing that could stop the offensive show both teams accounted for in this game. Both teams combined for seven home runs. Pitching was not a factor for this game. Both teams hit the ball very well. The game was close until the extra innings

The Gold choked, and gave up 11 runs to the Dynasty.