… but the plan prevails

The good news is that the Regents approved of the plan to expand the Recreation Center Thursday at their meeting in Springfield—despite Regent Joe Ebbesen’s pleas.

While some students might think the plan is unneeded and a waste of money, the truth is that rec center use has been increasing and an expansion would have been needed eventually.

The expansion will add two all-purpose gymnasiums and a weight room, office and storage space.

Now is the best and most affordable time to go ahead with the plan. The opportunity became available because bids on other construction projects came in lower than expected. The money for the projects already had been approved, and had to go to a construction project. Better the money go to something the students will get a use out of, then to some administrative building.

Also, expanding the rec center now will result in a slight fee increase for students. However, without the present bond situation, the cost for students would have been much more.

Its good to see a project which will directly benefit students at a minimal cost. It is also encouraging to finally see student input sought as openly as it was with this project. Instead of trying to ram the project down the throats of the students, rec center official Juliette Moore went to the students and asked them if they thought it was a good idea.

After all, its the students that will be utilizing the rec center, not the Regents.