Who are you to say who goes to heaven?

I find it a little offensive that a Northern Star columnist, who clearly has a liberal agenda, has the audacity to suggest President Bush will not go to heaven. I, myself, do not know if Bush will go to heaven, but would prefer to leave that question and any speculation regarding it, in the hands of God. You cannot encapsulate the final judgment of an individual through a single quotation in the Bible.

I cannot believe the ignorance of the columnist, as he suggests we selfishly refuse to donate money to the hurricane victims because we need to spend it lavishly on trips to Cancun. I don’t know if I speak for anyone here, but I am not about to go there. My undergraduate friends in the chemistry department, many of whom work part-time to afford superfluous things like gasoline and car maintenance, certainly aren’t going to Cancun anytime soon.

Rather than lamenting over the richness of the American nation, Americans should remain proud of what we have. 200+ years of history have given us a stable government, fiscal dependability and generation after generation of hard working, faithful people (despite the recent anti-Christian ACLU lawsuits). I find it sad the left always has to dictate to the American people how they should spend their money, when it isn’t trying to raise their taxes to spend it for them.

Jason Briski

Senior, Chemistry