Alternatives with gas mean task force is good

I disagree with your stance on the gas crisis task force. While I don’t agree with its idea of suspending the Illinois gas tax, the idea to lower truck fees and the use of ethanol are nothing but good for Illinois.

Lowering fees for large trucks does help corporations, yes, but those corporations hire Illinois drivers and deliver all of our goods. As fuel prices go up, many of them are faced with either charging more, cutting jobs or moving with the jobs to a state that’s cheaper to operate in. If you don’t think this happens, look at all the doctors fleeing to Wisconsin for cheaper insurance. DeKalb County is down to 3 obstetricians.

I also don’t understand why you wouldn’t support ethanol fuels. While they wouldn’t slow the rate of increase, I challenge you to find someone who wouldn’t mind paying 20 cents less for gas right now. Ethanol also supports the tens of thousands of Illinois corn growers and lowers our dependence on foreign oil. My light truck gets 120 miles per gallon of gasoline because I use 85 percent Midwest grown ethanol fuel. Find me a hybrid that can do that. Another benefit is that ethanol produces much less pollution, which is a fact I thought even your liberal editors would support.

The only reason I think you don’t like any of Bob Pritchard’s ideas is because he has that “(R-Hinckley)” after his name. It’s just more of the same, criticizing Republicans for their ideas without offering solutions of your own.

Nicholas Weydert

Post-Grad Physics Education