Remembering a helpful and valued professor

Although I didn’t get to know him for a long time or as much as I’d have liked to, I feel confident in stating that NIU political science professor James Schubert was an example of the model academic. Creative, extremely prolific, an excellent and inspiring teacher and, most of all, open to help out students.

When I first arrived to this country and NIU last year, professor Schubert was the first person to help me decide what classes I should take as well as give me useful recommendations in spite of the fact that he was not my adviser nor was I taking any courses with him.

When I finally had the opportunity to take a class with him during my second semester at NIU, I jumped at the chance. Even though his precarious health did not allow him to attend all of the weekly sessions or dedicate himself as much as he’d have liked to in the course, he always tried to be accesible and provide help within his means.

To those who did not get the opportunity of having him as a teacher, I can only say that he was definitely an example of how teachers should be.

Gonzalo Baeza,

Graduate student, political