Commission reviews bar ordinances

By Andrew Schlesser

Rocco’s Bar and Grill, formerly The Barn, presented the necessary information to get its class E liquor license back during Tuesday’s DeKalb Liquor Commission hearing.

Rocco’s, 1215 Blackhawk Road, obtained a lease for the term of the liquor license, said City Attorney Norma Guess.

It has to pay the cost incurred from the commission hearings as well as the fines they received from offenses earlier this year in order to sell liquor again, she said.

The liquor commission reconvened later in the evening to discuss ordinance changes to go on future liquor commission agendas.

“There are more ordinances concerning liquor than anything,” said City Clerk Donna Johnson. “We are working to keep up with the changes.”

There have been a lot of concerns presented to the city about liquor ordinances, Johnson said. But that is typical.

The liquor commission discussed ordinance wording for live entertainment and cover charges at bars.

“Class A liquor license holders are concerned that class E licensed restaurants take away from their business when they act like bars,” said DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen.

The liquor commission agreed the city’s concern is that restaurants act like restaurants, not bars.

The liquor commission also reviewed the amount of parking bars are required to provide to patrons.

Square footage of the establishment is what determines the parking requirements, Guess said.

In DeKalb, Fatty’s Pub and Grill, 1312 W. Lincoln Highway, provides 51 parking spaces when its square-footage requires 63 spaces.

Starbusters, 930 Pappas Drive, provides 61 parking spaces to its patrons but the square-footage of the establishment requires 84 spaces.

Guess presented the commission with a packet of information to be reviewed for further consideration at the next meeting.

The liquor commission plans on meeting the third Tuesday of every month, not including December. It will meet again Oct. 18.