Railroad track repairs hit town

By Rasmieyh Abdelnabi

Union Pacific Railroad will begin construction on its railroad tracks Monday at 8 a.m.

DeKalb City Engineer Joel Maurer said the intersection of Fourth Street and Lincoln Highway will be closed during the four days of the construction.

The intersection will reopen Sept. 30, he said.

Detours for Route 23 and Route 38 will be posted. For Route 38, drivers going east on Lincoln Highway will need to go south on Annie Glidden Road, then east on Fairview Drive. The truck route on Fairview Drive will have signs to get drivers to Peace Road.

The detour for Route 23 is similar to Route 38, except drivers will need to take Lincoln Highway west to Seventh Street to get back on Route 23.

Signs will be posted informing drivers of detour routes, Maurer said.

The Huskie Bus Line will change its No.7 bus route by taking First Street to Locust Drive and taking Locust Drive to Seventh Street, said Operations Manager Al Davis.

Davis said the route’s time will not increase as a result of the train,

“It should help the route,” he said.

The TransVac Green Line will not be affected by the construction.