Of Montreal heads south to rock DeKalb

By Brayton Cameron

Of Montreal will play The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, tonight at 8 p.m., but the Northern Star asked guitarist and singer Kevin Barnes a few questions before he hit the stage.

Northern Star: You just got back from Canada. Tell us a bit about that.

Kevin Barnes: Yeah, it was good. It was actually really, really good. We’ve been there a couple times, and this was the first time we were able to play sold-out shows, because the first couple times we hadn’t really reached that audience yet.

NS: What urged you to play DeKalb?

KB: We just heard that it was a rock‘n’roll town and we wanted to check it out. Our booking agent set that up and we were basically just trying to find a way to get back across the country, because we want to play two New York shows. So we were just looking for places to play, but I’m excited because, you know, we’ve been touring for a while and it’s rare that we play a city that we haven’t played before. So it’s cool to get that chance.

NS: Who is involved with your artwork?

KB: Yeah, well it’s all my brother and he’s a genius; I think he’s my favorite artist. My favorite living artist and he’s alive with pleasure.

NS: We’re going to do something a bit different. We’re going to pull some questions out of a hat and ask you random stuff. Are you ready?

KB: Yes

NS: It’s a cold day in hell, what do you wear?

KB: I wear my reverse thong.

NS: All right, Did you play with fire as a child?

KB: Yeah I did, I played with cigarettes.

NS: Anything bad ever happen?

KB: Yeah, I vomited.

NS: Which method of execution would you prefer were you to be executed and what would your last meal be?

KB: My last meal would probably be strawberry crepes. I guess for method of execution, I would like to be pushed out of an airplane into an erupting volcano.

NS: Wow. Have you ever saved anyone’s life?

KB: Yeah, I did sort of, but it was kind of my fault. When I was younger, we went camping a lot with my family. We were sort of left alone to wander through the woods and we found this swamp. It was me, my cousin and my brother and we found this little platform that went out on the swamp, but the further you went out on the platform the more and more it sank into the swamp. It started sinking and I started panicking and I was just waving my hands wildly and I knocked my cousin into the swamp. And he was sinking and I pulled him out. So I saved his life, but I’m also the one that put his life in jeopardy.

NS: Can you name three of the Huxtable children from “The Cosby Show?”

KB: Theo, I remember Theo, and, I can’t.

NS: The others would have been Denise, Sondra, Rudy and Vanessa. We would have also accepted Alvin or Olivia.

KB: Okay. Can you name the fat little white kid that always hung around?

NS: No, can you?

KB: Um, Dottie [Alexander, keyboardist] says it’s Peter.

NS: Are you asking other people? That’s cheating.