Intelligent life?

As a frequent reader of the New York Times and The Northern Star, I can testify that no comparison is possible, if only on the grounds of budget; nevertheless, the problem of “Letters to the editor” prevails. My question to NIU’s student body is as follows: are there no Northern Illinois students with an INTELLIGENT opinion to submit? The same section in the New York Times often includes letters about American foreign policy, economic policy, the United States government, as well as other things that affect the lives of all Americans. Be it that the Star consists of students writing about student affairs, one could send a letter to the editor that addresses subjects other then political correctness, Native American problems with the name “Pow Wow”, and the monument dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We are college students, people educated beyond the average American; thus should we not feel compelled to regard more important issues in our small chance to make an impact on the rest of the student body, via our letters to the editor? Yes, we should. So if for no reason more complex than to make the day of a political science major or an economics major, I beseech you, the student body, to write an intelligent “Letter to the Editor.”

John Hausmann


French Language and Literature