No rest in sight for Walsh

By Ben Gross

Corinne Walsh may not have started her collegiate career with the Huskies, but the senior will finish at NIU. Walsh was named to the all-tournament squad this weekend at the Radisson Hotel Invitational. The 6-foot tall middle blocker took a few minutes out of her busy life to talk with the Northern Star.

Northern Star: You’re a senior on a team with a lot of young players. How does that feel?

Corinne Walsh: It feels good because it gives us a chance to help other players because they’ll be here next year. And after we’re gone they’ll be the people taking over. So it feels good to help them out and to share our experiences and what we know to help them.

NS: You were named to the All-Tournament squad at last weekend’s tournament. How did you feel?

CW: Really I don’t feel I played as well as some other girls that should have gotten it, but it’s an honor to get any award.

NS: I saw that you played your freshman year at the University of South Florida. What prompted you to transfer to NIU?

CW: It’s closer to home and I just really like the area.

NS: I also saw you played with your teammate, Marie Zidek, in club volleyball. Was that a factor?

CW: Yeah, she was like, “If you come back in Illinois you better come to Northern or else I’m going to kick your butt.”

NS: You’ve been here for three years. There has to be some funny or silly moments that happened during practice that stands out.

CW: Well of course Kate [McCullagh] and Gina [Guide] are always the entertainment for our team.

NS: What do they do?

CW: They just make goofy faces, or when we are in a cheer they say funny words to make everyone laugh. Totally off-center words, like cauliflower, stupid words, but it makes us laugh, it helps us.

NS: You’re a business and accountancy major, right?

CW: Criminology now. I switched. I thought I would like [business], but it just wasn’t my thing to do.

NS: What are you planning to do with that degree?

CW: I want to work at the courts. I don’t know exactly what I want to do. I don’t want to be a lawyer, but I want to work in the court system.

NS: What’s a typical day like for you?

CW: Waking up early, coming to practice, then going straight to school and hitting the books and sleeping as much as I can.

NS: Not much time to sit down and watch TV or play games?

CW: Yeah, I try to put some time in there for me.

NS: Being a senior and this your last year, what’s your favorite memory of being on the NIU Volleyball team?

CW: Slaughtering Ball State last year in three [games].

NS: Why?

CW: They came to our court and they’re our big rivals, and so we always try to beat them. So we beat them in three and sent them home.