David Gray: Life in Slow Motion

By Collin Quick

very male singer/songwriter who has emerged within the last five years needs to thank David Gray for paving the way.

Get up and say “thank you” to the man who made it OK to stand on stage with an acoustic guitar, some heartfelt lyrics and nothing else during the late ’90s while bubble gum pop music dominated airwaves. Pull out your copy of “White Ladder” and listen to the most depressing, yet upbeat, album ever.

The Welsh singer returns strong with mid-tempo songs which hinder on the edge of confessions to lost lovers with piano leads and a running acoustic guitar backing the light rhythm section.

“Slow Motion” carries a similar beat and time-structure as the likes of “This Year’s Love,” and Gray begins to recycle lyrics from past albums, but it works on a heavier level. From a man who is infatuated with Friday nights, the weekends and running wild, it’s good to hear Gray bring back elements while at the same time, maturing in his sound.

“Hospital Food” offers the strongest track on the album with Gray preaching, “Tell me something I don’t already know” over a three-chord progression.

While it’s not as bare as “A Century Ends,” “Life in Slow Motion” is exactly that – nice and slow.

Remember – without Gray, no one’s body would be a wonderland.