Under-21 crowd to swing into DeKalb nightlife

By Rickey Nesbitt

The club circuit in DeKalb is about to take a second look at its competition.

Tonight is the grand opening of the newest, if not the “phattest” club in town. Phat City, located at 146 N. 4th St., will open its dance floor to the public tonight at 10 p.m.

Brizona Clark, NIU sophomore and co-owner of the venture, gave his reason behind breaking into the already crowded night life of DeKalb.

“First, there are a lot of people here at NIU who can not get into clubs because they are not 21. Secondly, organizations on campus do not always have events planned for the weekend. I am trying to provide people with a place to go, with things to do, and a chance to ‘kick it hard,'” he said.

Technically speaking, Phat City is a metamorphosized banquet hall. However, Clark and his partner, Burdett Griffin, have taken everything into consideration in providing NIU students with the flavor of popular Chicago night clubs such as The Riviera and Club Ultimate.

“Expect a chill, laid back type of atmosphere,” Clark said. The decor is funky, as it usually is, in the discos of the 1990’s.

Special attention has been given to the lighting set up, which is reminiscent of the last explosion you saw in the movies.

In addition to the main dance floor, there is a social room for those who wish to speak in a more relaxed setting.

With their fingers on the pulse of NIU’s students, Clark and Griffin have retained six D.J.‘s with the skills to play the proper mix of music for the crowds that are expected.

The music at Phat City will revolve around rap, house, R & B, pop and reggae. Clark said techno-style music will be largely avoided unless there is a demand for it.

Phat City’s debut weekend also offers many prizes so its patrons can share in its glory. Door prizes and free hotwings will be served on a first come, first served basis.

Phat City will only serve nonalcoholic drinks for now.

The club’s attire is casual, with an emphasis on being yourself. However, on Thursdays, their 21 and over night, and special events night, a more formal attire will be required.

Everyone is welcome at Phat City and one of its goals is to have a tasteful variety of music. Clark said he is disgruntled at the incoherence of the music at other clubs.

“Some clubs follow up house music with country music,” Clark said. “This won’t happen at Phat City. As long as the groove isn’t broken, people keep dancing.”

The city of DeKalb played an important role in making these young, black entreprenuers’ dream into a reality.

“The city of DeKalb worked with me and made sure that I was versed with the laws involving the club. I was amazed. The people at the municipal building made very fair judgements and I am going to do everything I can to comply (with the laws),” Clark said.

In addition to the previously mentioned amenities, Phat City offers private security, an open mike, a Phat City Dating Game and Studs in the works.

Phat City is accessible via the Huskie Bus number two route.

NIU students 21 and over now will have 15 bars and nightclubs to choose from in DeKalb, and under 21 students will have one.

If an individual or an organization is interested in sponsoring a party at the facility, contact Brizona Clark at 748-3445 for more information.