False information

As the current Mass Transit Adviser, I appreciate the opportunity to publish information pertaining to my office like the article in the Sept. 15, 1993 issue of the Star entitled “Looking For You.” I was pleased in knowing that this vital information would be published in a professional manner.

Though the re-writing of the column was satisfactory, the problem arises in the third paragraph (fourth sentence) which states “Late Night Ride Service [is] for students with permanent disabilities.” THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION! Freedommobile is the transportation system which provides service for students with permanent disabilities. Late Night Ride Service is a service that provides safe passage home for students, faculty, and staff Friday and Saturday nights from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. free of cost. Late Night Ride Service is not yet accessible for those students with permanent disabilities. We are in the process of gathering information in order to have at least one of the Late Night Ride Service vehicles wheelchair-accessible. This may take some time, but we are trying. In the meantime, please note this as a correction. I hope the matter is now cleared up.

Charlotte Chambers

Mass Transit Adviser