Grades for four-week classes face setback

By Sarah J. Augustinas

Students in accelerated summer courses faced a snag in the road to a quick grade.

The four-week summer courses which ended July 7 have yet to post grades. The marks won’t be released until after the eight-week classes culminate Thursday.

The delay caused an inconvenience for students enrolling in subsequent classes, as well as those who report a grade point average for financial aid.

According to Robin Hendricks, the assistant director of Records and Registration, the antiquated grading system has been labeled the primary issue behind the complaints.

“The grade rolls can only be printed three times a year, once after each semester,” Hendricks said.

For a grade roll to be printed, every course is required to enter all class information, including grades and the names of students.

NIU has plans to install a new student information system, which will publish grades as soon as a class is complete, Hendricks said.

Information Technology Services suggested students seeking grades for a shortened class should log in to Blackboard through the school’s Web site. Depending on the instructor, grades for a shortened course may be available there before the end of the summer session.

Students in four-week courses also can find out grades another way – ask their professors.

“Most teachers will tell you your grade [after] you finish [the course],” said Lisa Fleischmann, a business major who took classes this summer.

The official 2005 summer semester grades will be available Aug. 9.