Growing beer-brewing club open to all interested in craft

By David Tomas

Those interested in the art of brewing now have a place to meet fellow brewers and learn their craft.

Barb City Brew Club was founded in October 2003 by Sheri and Scott Prutton, owners of Mojo Brew Co., a brewing supply store in Sycamore.

Scott is also a brewmaster at Flatlander’s Restaurant & Brewery in Lincolnshire.

The club’s 10 active members come from different backgrounds but share a common interest in brewing.

“We have been growing steadily since we started the club,” Sheri said.

Members meet every third Wednesday of the month and take trips to beer festivals and breweries in the Midwest.

“We’ve gone to the Taste of Midwest, in Madison, Wis., and we regularly attend some of the Chicago Beer Society events,” Prutton said.

Brewers make new kinds of beer all the time, club secretary April Weydert said.

“We brewed a jalapeño lime beer; it came out really good,” Weydert said.

The Mojo Brew Co., 322 W. State St. carries different brewing manuals as well as brewing kits for amateur, apprentice and expert brewers, according to the Mojo Brew Co. Web site.

The Pruttons opened the store at the new location May 2 after moving from DeKalb, Sheri said. The new location is more conveniently located for shoppers and the store has more space.

The club used to hold its meetings at members’ houses but will now try to hold meetings at the new location, Weydert said.

Barb City Brew Club is not profit-oriented, but donations are welcome and are used to fund some of the club’s trips and events, Weydert said.

More information on Barb City Brew Club and Mojo Brew Co. can be found at

While online orders are not yet available, the Web site has information on past club meetings and products available at the store.