Fighting the ‘Freshman 15′

By Lacy Searcy

First-year students tend to worry about the “Freshman 15,” but there are steps that can be taken to avoid freshman year weight gain.

“Students gain weight their first year because there is so much food around,” freshman communication major Asia Collins said. “Students also stress a lot because of their classes.”

There are many ways first- year students can avoid gaining weight.

“Students should avoid eating late,” said exercise physiology graduate student Toni Robinson. “They also should try to stay away from fast foods, fried food and try to limit their desserts. Students also should drink plenty of water.”

If students cannot always eat the right foods, they can go to the Campus Recreation Center to work out.

The Rec is a good place to work out on the treadmill, elliptical, stair stepper and bike, said Robinson, who also works at the Rec.

“Our personal trainers will help students get started on a workout program,” she said.

Students can purchase up to eight fitness coaching sessions at the Rec, and the center also has private nutrition counselors to help students make better food choices.

If freshmen do not like going to the Rec, they should try to walk instead of taking the bus, Robinson said.

“The reason students eat so much is because at home, students do not have the privilege to eat a lot when they want to,” freshman Kujuera Tate said. “If freshmen do not want to gain weight, they will have to be very disciplined.”