Newspapers elevated to art form

By Richard Pulfer

More than 125 years of newspaper history sits within the walls of the Nehring Center Gallery, which is part of the “Art in Newspapers” event.

Proposed by Midweek managing editor Josh Albrect, “Art in Newspapers” focuses on the publication history of local papers including the Daily Chronicle and the Midweek.

“I had seen other exhibits in the gallery and I thought it would be cool to show people another way of looking at newspapers,” Albrect said.

The Nehring Center Gallery provides extensive collections of both relics and art pieces. A vintage bicycle carrying a cart of newspapers reflects the changing face of newspaper delivery, while typewriters depict changes within the production of the papers.

“Everything relates to art,” said Yasemin Kackar, Nehring Center Gallery director.

Kackar finds artistic value in a room full of photographs taken in area events from disasters to sports competitions.

“They are covering the incidents themselves, but they also reveal much about the aesthetics behind the pieces,” Kackar said.

Rosemarie Ostberg, an attendant at the gallery, was interested in the gallery’s contents.

“Newspapers are fascinating things that we all notice and this is art,” Ostberg said. “There’s only one front page. How and where you place the articles determines how people read the paper.”

In addition to photographs, the gallery also showcases the design principles, advertisements and press releases.

“In real life, this sort of thing might be frightening, but here it looks very appealing and beautiful,” Kackar said about a picture of a jagged lightning bolt.

The “Art in Newspaper” exhibit will be on display at the Nehring Center Gallery until May 29. The Nehring Center Gallery is located at 111 S. Second St. in DeKalb. Gallery hours are 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday and 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday.