NIU athletics is its own, independent entity

This is the second time I have written an editor and other individuals concerning athletics. I have read your fund raising editorial and the letters to the editors concerning where the money came from, (private donors) and such, and I agree with them. It’s athletics’ money, so let them spend it where they will. However, I slightly disagree with your concept of this being a good example to get the administration fired up to fund raise for other things.

This is because most people don’t know that athletic programs (pay attention) including public university athletic programs are run, viewed and operated like stand alone businesses.

Thus, when ticket prices go up or parking prices go up, don’t think administration thinks athletic department. “NIU campus administrators” didn’t fund raise, NIU athletic administrators fund raised. Why? Because though its says “athletic department,” there is really two entities. NIU the academic institution and NIU the athletic institution. Now the athletic department can’t run amok, but how it operates, fund raises and manages its athletes the university has some say, think parent company.

But the NIU athletic institution has a lot more incentive to fund raise when it is really a business and not a “tax and tuition” driven entity like the academic side. Don’t believe me? Check it out or the other public universities that are the same way. When editors, writers and the students realize that athletic departments are businesses and not really departments of their academic institutions, then athletic department actions will be seen in a more truthful light.

Ken Crawford

NIU Law Student