Students warned of campus rules

By Rocio Lopez

Incoming students can get in trouble for different things around campus.

According to Larry Bolles, director of University Judicial Services, students can get in trouble for different reasons, both in the residence halls and academically.

The three main areas in which students may get in trouble are noise violations, alcohol consumption by minors and use of illegal drugs, according to Bolles.

“Students should check with their [community adviser] for more information about the noise violations for their floor,” Bolles said.

Shaquilla Daniels, a sophomore Spanish and German double major, remembers when she lived in the residence halls, students who were of age could consume alcoholic beverages. “As long as people had their doors closed and there were no underage people in the rooms, it was fine,” she said.

Furthermore, borrowing a person’s property without their permission can get a student into trouble. This is considered theft, Bolles said.

The consumption of illegal drugs anywhere on campus can get students suspended or possibly expelled. The most common drug is marijuana, according to Bolles.

Bolles advises students to lock their doors every time they leave their rooms. He advises students against letting strangers into the buildings.

“Freshmen trying to be helpful let people in the buildings, [but] this is a breach in security,” Bolles said. Residents are responsible for their guests and must sign in their guests at the door, he said.

Some students are usually unaware of the rules they must abide by while in the residence halls.

“There was a voluntary meeting [on my floor] about rules, but not much emphasis was put on [attending],” said Phil Engleking, a sophomore OMIS major. “More time could be spent explaining the rules [to residents].”

Plagiarism and cheating during exams are also areas where students can get in trouble. “Freshmen get caught with [cheating] a lot,” Bolles said.

Students go through a judicial process; violations to the code of conduct can lead to a suspension of one to four years or expulsion from the university.