NIU should appreciate Greeks

A few months ago there was a stabbing on Greek Row. One man was stabbed, and not by any member of a Greek House. The headline of the Northern Star exclaimed “Stabbing On Greek Row,” not “Stabbing on Greenbriar” on the top row of the paper with a huge picture of a Greek house. The stabbing did not occur inside the Greek house pictured, however, you would have had to read six paragraphs down to see that.

Yesterday, a stabbing outside Starbusters made the paper with far less flair where two people were stabbed, and there is no suspect in custody. No picture, No bold capital letters, just a small corner on the bottom of the front page. I guess if there isn’t an opportunity to denounce Greeks, stabbing isn’t a big deal.

Here’s a question … will Starbusters be shut down for the stabbing? Probably not. Will all bars in town be punished for the fault of one? Probably not. Will people who were not even remotely involved not be allowed to socialize for the remainder of the semester? Probably not.

The answer to all of these questions is no. Why? I’m not really sure. Do regular everyday non-Greek students have their social privileges taken away if the group of friends they hang out with do not have a high enough grade point average? No. But if a sorority or fraternity has a GPA that is below the university average (including commuters and non-traditional students) all social events are cancelled.

NIU should start appreciating their Greeks, not persecuting them at every chance. Greeks across campus donate several tens of thousands of dollars a year to charities nationwide and voluntarily complete thousands of hours of community service. Find me another group on campus that gives back as much as the Greeks. Maybe students would take a little more notice if we all spent a little less time writing and reading articles about every mistake that happens within one hundred yards of any Greek house and a little more time appreciating all they do for this campus.

Maureen Sandusky

Delta Zeta member and senior criminology/sociology major