Letter writer was wrong in religion interpretation

This letter is in response to a letter written by Andrew Castellucci on Friday.

I applaud your sense of history in knowing the roots of the Democratic Party’s dislike of the papal state and of Catholics in general. However, citing that revolution as a reason why current “Liberals” don’t like the pope and Catholics is just ignorant. The French Revolution was more than two hundred years ago. I don’t know about you, but that’s a pretty long time to hold a grudge without newly introduced reasons. Current opposition of the Catholic Church, though rooted in the past, exists because the rest of the first world has moved into the 21st century. However, the Catholic Church, fearful of change and of losing their power and absolute authority cannot move forward. Thus, it becomes a focal point of Liberal scrutiny and indignation.

You brought that up in your opinion, Liberals wouldn’t openly “chastise” the treatment of Muslim women. What is not said is that Muslims do not have a single leader, such as the pope in Catholicism, which can be looked at as the focal point of authority in Islam. Because of this, the arguments made against Muslim’s treatment of women are lost in the periphery of news cycles since the American Conservative Right-Wing media rarely chose to cover real issues.

You also cite that it doesn’t surprise you that, “This university, like the vast majority of college campuses, is deeply entrenched in this liberal philosophy.” Is it not the duty of the educated, such as college students and professors, to question the actions of government’s and religious monarchies? Someone has to. I wouldn’t wait for a Republican-led government to make any meaningful steps forward in that regard.

You list three reasons why it is ironic that Liberals would chose to attack only the Catholic Church and not other religious entities. What you fail to see is that, though abortion is condemned by all major Christian religions, that isn’t a factor, necessarily, in what is considered “poor” treatment of women. And I don’t know how sexual promiscuity even gets brought up. That isn’t an issue of

the poor treatment of women. The treatment of women by Catholics is considered poor because in the 21st century, women are still subjugated by the church. Women are expected to be servants to their husband as they are servants to God.

If a person, man or woman, chooses to give themselves to their religion, that is fine. But holding to an archaic belief that women are somehow less capable of conversing with God and require the guidance of their husbands is being just plain ignorant.

Andrew, you conservative republican religious nut, get off your high horse and realize that the world is moving forward and the pope and Catholicism as a whole cannot stand idly by and watch it pass without criticism of their archaic policies.

Timothy Blacksmith

Junior history major