Lisa Marie Presley: Now What

By Lindsey Rosati

It took 35 years to put out her debut album, but now Lisa Marie Presley wants to do it again in only two.

Her first album proved she wasn’t just a brat rock ’n’ roll daughter releasing an album because she could, a la Kelly Osbourne.

Presley showed she has the talent and a powerful voice to back it up with while ignoring blatant similarities to her father.

Lyrically, the album is honest, deep, dark and reflective of her obvious bad-girl image. However, it’s not the lyrics that are the problem: It’s her voice.

It seems as if she has lost her powerful voice and turned it into a mysterious and raspy growl, which doesn’t work too well.

Presley gets honest and pissed off during the song “Idiot,” when she sings, “I heard everything that you think about me/ Almost everyday/ But you still wouldn’t leave/ I had to pull the plug/ I hated your guts.”

Curious minds can only wonder who this refers to.

She has always had a sexy, badass, rebellious image since she was 13 years old without even trying. Why is she trying now?