Looking for you!

How would you like to be apart of one of the largest student run operations in the nation? Wouldn’t you like to gain beneficial experience along with deciding the fate of your hard earned student fees? Sounds interesting? Well the Mass Transit board is looking for you!

My name is Charlotte D. Chambers and I am this year’s Student Association Mass Transit Adviser. My job entails various aspects in regards to transportation accessibility through out the DeKalb/Sycamore community. Along with being the Mass Transit Adviser, I am also the Executive Director/Chairman of the Student Association Mass Transit board. I would like to take this opportunity to explain the position and also the importance of the Mass Transit board.

The Mass Transit Adviser is an advocate for the welfare for the students and also for those individuals in the community that utilizes the Huskie bus system. Along with the Huskie bus system, the Mass Transit Adviser and the Mass Transit board governs the Freedommobile, Late Night Ride Service and bus advertising. Freedommobile is a transportation system which provides service for students with permanent disabilities. Late Night Ride for students with permanent disabilities. Late Night Ride Service provides free safe passage home for students, faculty and staff on Friday and Saturdays between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Bus advertising is directly handled by the professional sales and marketing organization, Delta Sigma Pi.

The Mass Transit Board is composed of student and nonvoting representatives from the office of University Programming and Activities, the city of DeKalb, and ATC Management Corporation. The Mass Transit Board serves as the decision making body in regards to numerous comments, complaints and suggestions which arise throughout the University. It consists of approximately 10 to 12 individuals and meets every Monday in the early evenings. The Mass Transit board resides over an approximate 1.5 million dollar budget which is allocated through student fees. This is YOUR MONEY! Here’s an opportunity to be heard. Don’t you think that it would be beneficial for you to have a voice in what and where your money is going to be spent? Along with the sizable budget, the Mass Transit Board serves as the information center for individuals that utilize the different transportation systems.

If you are an enthusiastic individual that’s looking for some good old fashion behind the scenes work experience, then the Mass Transit board could definitely use your input. We’re currently looking for qualified individuals to sit on the board. All majors and class levels are accepted. The only requirements are: 1) you are a fee paying student and 2) you have all students welfare as a *1 priority.

For more information in regards to the Student Association Mass Transit Board please contact Ms. Charlotte D. Chambers, Student Association Mass Transit Adviser, at 753-0482 or stop by the Student Association office on the 2nd floor of the Holmes Student Center Monday through Friday between 8:00a.m. and 4:30p.m.