Offensive remark

With regard to Andrew S. Kida’s angry letter on September 21, I found one remark to be extremely offensive. “Secondly, this so called ‘white, male, middle class ideology is what this country was founded on. If you don’t like what this country was founded on, open up your map and find the quickest route to Canada.

This statement strongly implies that since our country was founded in a particular way, it logically MUST follow that it remain as such, forever embedded in stone. This must be why our founding “fathers” made provisions in our Constitution for additional AMENDMENTS (which imply change) as well as the clause which states that the citizens of this country have the DUTY to change any form of government they see as unfit (within our own boundaries, of course).

Because Thomas Jefferson was a great historian, he knew that history is wrought with change and that in the interest of progress, change MUST occur. If change were not allowed in this country, we would still be living in a society that condoned slavery, women would still be regarded as “property” and not allowed to own any and the only eligible voters would be white, landowning, literate males. Any contributions made during the last 200 years of our “official” existence by people not fitting into the “voter” category would not have been brought to light, which is something this country could not afford to be without.

To tell someone to leave this country, simply because they wish to contribute something that does not conform to your idea of a perfect society, is an act of pure cowardice. This country was built on the dreams, ideals, hard work and contributions of a vast number of different peoples, many of whom do not fit the category of “white-middle-class-male.” Perhaps it would be of use to quit worrying so much about the way someone looks, and value more what each of us has to offer. The fear of a little competition, change and diversity might not seem so ominously great anymore.

Jennifer M. Corry


Graduate Student