What is the NIU Student Association?

What does the Husked Bus Line, recycling, free legal advice from some of the finest student legal assistants attorneys in the country, scholarship information that only costs $1, concerts, plays, speakers, Homecoming, Springer’s, academic grievances, the Organizational Expo, student government, Campus Crime Prevention Week, minority relations, the OCR, Late Night Ride Service, Aids Awareness Week, free off-campus housing information and 1.2 million dollars that is allocated to over 80 organization and services around the university all have in common? All of these services, resources and programs, are either directly sponsored or funded by the Student Association.

The Student Association was established three decades ago to advocate student rights and ensure greater student representation in all areas of the university and the community. Thirty years later, we are still looking out for students’ interests.

The Student Association addresses all issues that affect you while you attend Northern Illinois University. You can be confident that we are working hard to be sure that you are heard. We need to know when you are unsatisfied or concerned about something that you see going on at NIU. If you feel that one of your professors is not doing an adequate job instructing your class, come see our Academic Affairs Adviser Derek Anderson. He will be sure that your problem is addressed promptly and given the campus, come talk to our Campus Welfare Adviser Sylvia Cerrato.

She’ll work hard to be sure the administration is aware of the problem and that a solution is quickly achieved. These are just a few of the people that are here to serve you, and no problem is too big or too small for the Student Association to address.

Because we have the responsibility of representing students in every aspect of the university, we need the support of students like you. If you are interested in what happens at NIU and the community in which we live, the Student Association has several opportunities that can enable you to get directly involved within the university. You can have an impact on the way things operate at NIU. Not only will you be helping out your fellow students, you will be helping yourself in gaining valuable real-life experience and the satisfaction that you have dedicated yourself to the service of others.

Getting involved in the SA is easy. Our office is located on the second floor of the Holmes Student Center, and our telephone number is 753-0482. If you are interested in sitting on a committee or running for Senate, come in and pick up an application. If you have a concern or complaint about something going on at NIU, be sure to come up and tell us about it. We work for you. We need to know how you feel. We are confident that this will be a very productive year and we look forward to serving you in the months ahead.