Gorski victorious over Knowlton

By Nina Gougis

Supporting impact fees will continue to be a major focus for new 4th Ward Alderman Donna Gorski.

Gorski, who took in 653 votes against incumbent Mike Knowlton’s 556 in Tuesday’s election, said she was surprised with the election results.

“I had an indication from neighbors and the people I talked to that we needed a change,” she said.

Change was not only needed in the short term but for long-term solutions, she said.

“[Change is needed] for solutions that will allow your children and your grandchildren to enjoy the quality of life we now enjoy,” she said.

Gorski said her first action would be to sit back and learn what she can from the other aldermen.

“I have a number of initiatives I’d like to get going once I get up to the learning curve,” Gorski said.

Those initiatives include raising and creating impact fees and using them toward the police and fire departments, roads and sewers, she said.

Another issue that would need to be addressed in the long term is the ground water supply, which could be depleted if the city continues to grow at the pace it is now, she said.

Gorski said the city could never have access to Lake Michigan, a source for Lake, Cook and DuPage counties. Kane County, Elgin and Aurora get their water from Fox River.

“And I don’t think anyone in their right minds would think that we could maintain off the mighty Kishwaukee River,” Gorski said.

Knowlton, who took his seat in 2000, wished his opponent the best.

“I’ve held to my convictions, and I’ve gotten a lot done,” Knowlton said. “It’s been a great run and an incredibly educational experience.”

He said he had no immediate plans to run for public office again at this time.

Gorski thanked those who worked on her campaign.

“It really took a big effort and a lot of people who were committed and willing to volunteer to help,” she said.