mewithoutYou hits The House

By Kelly Johnson

This Sunday night, Tooth and Nail recording artist mewithoutYou will stop by The House, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, at 8 p.m. with The Felix Culpa, Walking Concert and Dusty Brown.

The band’s energetic live show has garnered it notice in support of its 2004 release “Catch for us the Foxes.”

Lead vocalist Aaron Weiss took some time out of the band’s tour schedule to talk of grease, God and gruff vocals.

Weekender: How has the tour been going thus far?

Aaron Weiss: Great so far, except for me losing my voice. Sometimes that will happen, though, around the third show or so into tour, it will get a little shot. It’s on the upswing, though.

WE: This tour will take you to London to play the “Give It a Name Festival.” Have you played many festivals before and how do you like them in comparison to smaller venues?

AW: We’ve played a couple of festivals before. This upcoming one will be the biggest, though, as it has sold out with 8,000 tickets. We’ve never even played for half that many people so it should be super cool. We like the smaller shows though. It gives us a chance to meet and hang out with people without the security and metal gates in front of the stage.

WE:: You are known for practicing the Christian faith but not being labeled an overtly “Christian band.” Is this a conscious effort?

Aaron Weiss: If people want to label us as a Christian band, that’s fine. If you’re trying to make people like you to gain popularity, then that’s not really being truthful to people. A lot of kids have been able to connect with our music and message. We all believe in God, but Christianity means very different things to us five [band members].

WE:: You have to explain this concept about the grease-fueled car. You’ve taken a bus fueled by veggie oil in the past. Are you still currently using it?

Aaron Weiss: Yes, we are still using it.

WE:: How has it been working out for you?

Aaron Weiss: It’s not been all roses. We’ve had some bad grease, but on the whole it is working. It’s more of a labor of love for me, and I’m very happy to do everything that I can for the environment.

WE:: You stop at restaurants and ask for grease to fill up the tank. Have they been receptive?

Aaron Weiss: Sometimes yes and sometimes no. If they tell us they don’t want to give us their grease, we are respectful of that. We also have to ask if the grease is good and if there is enough space for us to pull the bus up. It also saves money and it’s something I believe in. We aren’t always able to find grease and sometimes we don’t have enough time, but I would say 75 percent of the time we are able to use veggie oil. The other times we have to rely on diesel fuel.

WE:: So what can DeKalb expect from a mewithoutYou show?

Aaron Weiss: Hopefully, a vocalist. My voice is getting better each day though. They can expect five close friends who love each other and God and are trying to express this through music and dancing.