Povlsen to continue 2nd Ward reign

By Nina Gougis and Shivangi Potdar

Kris Povlsen, 2nd Ward alderman, will maintain his seat after Tuesday’s election.

Povlsen, who was re-elected for the third time, defeated Edward Pevonka by 244 votes.

The total votes counted for the ward amounted to 1,757, the most of the three wards in the election.

“The record that I’ve had spoke for itself,” Povlsen said. “You don’t get voted in unless you work for the people.”

Finding a fair incentive package for businesses and making sure the growth rate outlined in the comprehensive plan is followed were the issues Povlsen said he was concerned about.

He said the package offered to Target was a good one and could be used as a model for other businesses.

Povlsen said he wanted to limit the annual residential growth rate to 2 to 3 percent.

When asked whether he would consider running for a fourth time, Povlsen said he will wait and see what the next four years bring.

Pevonka congratulated his opponent but said he hopes Povlsen will realize from the final election count that a significant number of people share his views.

He pointed out that 757 people voted for him, which would have been enough to win in any other ward.

Some of the issues Pevonka campaigned on were supporting industrial growth, increasing the industrial tax base and allowing businesses to operate with a minimal amount of government interference, he said.

“There’s a lot of people whose voices need to be heard, and I hope [Povlsen] does that,” Pevonka said.

Pevonka said, if given the chance, he would not change anything about his campaign.

“I enjoyed every day of the campaign and talking to people,” he said.

Pevonka said he has no immediate plans of running for any other public office in the near future.