Police to offer hunter education course

By Dan Jacobson

Anyone interested in learning more about the different aspects of hunting laws and safety techniques can do so by taking the annual Hunter Safety Education Training Course.

The ten-hour course is sponsored by the DeKalb Police Department and the Illinois Department of Conservation.

The course will be held from 6 to 9:30 p.m. on this Tuesday and Thursday and on Tuesday, Sept. 7 at the DeKalb Municipal Building Classroom, 200 S. Fourth St.

DeKalb Police Sgt. Ron Pearson said the course will cover wild life management, firearm safety, hunter ethics, game identification, first aid, survival techniques, basic archery, muzzle loading and state hunting regulations.

“Safety is our main concern,” Pearson said. “I am aware of some hunting accidents that happen because of unsafe handling, which is basically why we have the course.

“We also stress the importance of thanking owners of the hunting grounds by making sure the gates are closed and offering them some of your game,” he said.

The instructors of the course include Pearson, DeKalb Police Sgt. Bill Thompson and John Watson, a local certified instructor of the course, said Pearson.

He said a good place to go hunting in the DeKalb area is in Shabona State Park, where deer hunting with only archery equipment is allowed.

The course will include a conservation officer giving a lecture on the different game laws and dates of the different seasons, Pearson said.

He said the class has been offered for about 15 years and the usual attendance is from 30 to 50 people.

“We had 50 people last year. Pre-sign-up has been a little lower this year but there is usually a lot of last-minute sign-ups,” he added.

The ages of the participants have ranged from 10 to 70 in past years, said Pearson.

“State law mandates that any person under 16 years old has to have taken a Hunter Safety Education Training Course before being issued a hunting license,” he said.

The course is free and open to anyone. Participants do not have to have any of their own equipment, but attendance at all three sessions is mandatory.

To sign up for the course call the DeKalb Police Department.