A special thanks

Flood, Sweat and Tears,” the recent very successful weekend cookout benefit for flood victims in the Pick ‘N

Save parking lot, was a magnificent team effort representing all parts of the greater DeKalb community. Proceeds for flood victims of approximately $10,000 were channeled through the Salvation Army and the DeKalb County Farm Bureau. There is still time to contribute by sending a check made out to Flood, Sweat and Tears to the Resource Bank, 555 Bethany Road, DeKalb, IL 60115, Attention: Renee Brown.

I would like to particularly highlight the extremely dedicated efforts of two individuals who made it all possible. Steve Duchrow, a staff member of NIU’s Programming and Activities Office, heard about a similar benefit sponsored by Western Illinois University. He immediately went into action and the first telephone call he made was to Mike Kingsbury, owner of the DeKalb/Sycamore Pick ‘N Save grocery store. The rest is history.

Mr. Kingsbury gave him an unqualified YES to bring the event to the Pick ‘N Save parking lot and to provide invaluable logistics support, supplies and personnel as needed, as well as leads on obtaining other donated items. Within a few days everything had been donated. Sponsors included: in addition to Pick ‘N Save and Northern Illinois University, DeKalb Area Pork Producers, Lewis Bakeries, Frito Lay, DeKalb County Farm Bureau, Competitive Edge, Resource Band and GTE.

Steve Duchrow masterfully coordinated the entire event with the invaluable assistance, among other, of university colleagues including students and Mike Kingsbury. The event was held a scant two weeks after that first call to Pick ‘N Save. Mr. Kingsbury not only donated extensive financial resources but ended up charcoaling personally every one of the thousands of pork chops—to ensure, in his words, “that they were cooked just right.”

Thanks goes to many throughout the community for their efforts with a special note of gratitude to Steve Duchrow, Mike Kingsbury and the entire University Programming & Activities and Pick ‘N Save organizations. Their selfless initiative and commitment to others are inspirational.

Donald R. Buckner

Associate Vice President

Student Affairs