Huskie Highlights hurt by budget

By Melissa Blake

Budget constraints have made it hard for Huskie Highlights to hire more staff writers.

The magazine employs three paid staff members – editor in chief Katrina Corcoran, copy editor Brooke Robinson and staff writer Gino Betts. The majority of the content is generated by outside contributors – both students and NIU employees.

HH is meant to be a tool for students, student organizations and members of the faculty “who inspire and foster student involvement and leadership,” Corcoran said. The magazine tries to address all aspects of student life.

“Sometimes, that means venturing outside the student body for information,” she said.

Much of the content for the March issue came from contributors other than students because of its political content, Corcoran said.

“We felt it important to offer NIU students an additional source of information regarding their upcoming vote for DeKalb mayor candidates before voting on April 5,” she said. “Students will be affected by the outcome of the election.”

On average, more than 90 percent of content comes from students, Corcoran said. Faculty members have been asked to contribute in the past.

According to a Feb. 10 Northern Star article, the monthly magazine has published 10 issues since its launch in 2003.

This year’s budget is a little more than $20,000, SA President Craig Marcus said. With a circulation of 6,000, much of the budget goes toward printing costs and paying the editors, he said.

It is hard to produce “noteworthy news” each month with only three staff members, Corcoran said.

HH would like to move in the direction of employing staff writers, but budget constraints make it hard, Marcus said. If staff writers were paid, they would most likely be paid per article.

“The magazine has to start somewhere,” Marcus said. “Hopefully, it will be self-sustaining in a few years.”