Huskie Highlights’ editor in chief resigns

By Melissa Blake

Katrina Corcoran’s two-month run as Huskie Highlights’ editor in chief came to an end with her March 16 letter of resignation, citing the decision was “more of [a] personal matter.”

Although Corcoran would not release a copy of the letter to the Northern Star, she said she had been thinking about resigning since mid-February.

“I just need to look at my goals and ambitions and what I want to do,” she said.

Corcoran’s other commitments and the time needed for producing Huskie Highlights, which currently has three staff members, all factored into her decision. Corcoran is taking four classes as a graduate student and teaches English as a second language at an elementary school in Pecatonica.

Corcoran’s resignation is unfortunate, but it was a decision she made, Student Association President Craig Marcus said. The magazine has turned around in the last few months, and a lot of the success can be attributed to Corcoran, Marcus said.

The decision to leave had nothing to do with the other staff members, Corcoran said. Although the group’s situation was sometimes stressful, it always got along.

“I think she’s happier that she did now [resign],” copy editor Brooke Robinson said.

There is a place for Huskie Highlights, but Corcoran is unsure of what form it will take. She would like to see it online but stressed the need to have more consistent support from support staff such as the advertising department.

“You have to have those people in place,” she said. “The best thing to do is to organize everything.”

The future of Huskie Highlights largely depends on the outcome of the SA elections, which began Tuesday and continue today, Robinson said. She expects things at the magazine to change with the incoming administration since people may have different ideas.

“It’s a good outlet for people,” she said. “I’d hate to see it disbanded.”

Due to personnel issues, no more issues of Huskie Highlights will be published this semester, Marcus said. The SA will be looking toward next year, and the newly elected SA president will choose a new editor in chief. For now, Robinson and staff writer Gino Betts will spend their time conducting research into how other magazines have Web sites set up and the best direction for Huskie Highlights’ future online. Corcoran’s semi-monthly salary of $366.23 for a 20-hour work week will go toward offsetting costs the magazine incurred throughout the semester, such as printing costs. It costs about $3,000 to print each 6,000-copy issue, Robinson said.

Robinson said she also will be working on wrapping things up for the remainder of the semester, including putting together procedure and style manuals for next semester.

Corcoran enjoyed meeting people around campus and seeing the innerworkings of the university, but she sees the resignation positively.

“I wish the [employees of Huskie Highlights] well,” Corcoran said. “[They are] starting to produce a quality magazine – something NIU students should have. I believe in that aspect of it.”