Welcome back to all

Welcome back to all new and returning students, faculty and staff! As the Northern Star Editorial Board we would like to take this first issue to introduce ourselves to you. This fall’s editorial board consists of four people, Jami Peterson – Editor in Chief, Kevin Lyons – Managing Editor, Tinamarie Gonzalez – Editorial Editor and Brian Slupski – Campus Editor.

As the Star edit board we will try to write well-thought-out editorials concerning events on campus, in the U.S. and around the world. The views expressed in our editorials are solely the ones of the board and not necessarily the views held by all employees of the Star.

It is our foremost objective to bring you well-written, thought-provoking editorials and we hope to focus on topics which are important to our readers.

There will be times when you may not agree with the views of the editorial board and we encourage our readers and critics to write letters to the editor to let us know how we are doing. In the same manner, we also encourage our readers to let us know when they do agree with us.

Apart from letters to the editor, the Northern Star is introducing some new means for readers to make their thoughts known to the Star and to the public. The Northern Star has implemented a new editorial line entitled NIU Speaks which will allow our readers to call in and speak for 30 seconds about any topic. We also plan to conduct numerous phone polls throughout the semester which will allow our readers to call in and respond to various questions developed from stories in the paper and current topics.

We strongly encourage our readers to make use of our new phone lines. Because without the input of our readers, we are not able to serve as a source for the open exchange of ideas and beliefs.

This paper exists to give you a voice. NIU is no different than the rest of the country where he who screams the loudest is often served first. We are here to serve you, and that means all of you, but we cannot be your voice if we cannot hear you, so talk to us.

From their beginnings, universities were meant for the exchange and development of ideas. The Northern Star news can be your source for information and the issues page can be yet another place of exchange for you.

There is no better way to get your voice heard on this campus than in this newspaper. Student, faculty and staff views expressed in the Star have altered events on this campus significantly time and time again. The door is open to all, walk on in.