Evens: Great Destroyer

By Kelly Johnson

Ian MacKaye is getting old.

A glance at the back of the debut album from The Evens, MacKaye collaboration with fellow Dischord alumna Amy Farina, shows a picture of a craggy MacKaye with his not-so-new receding hairline beginning to show gray around the edges.

Although his appearance lacks the youthfulness of Minor Threat days, his subject matter remains true to form. MacKaye has always been an eloquent poet for the skeptic in all of us.

He and Farina use the trendy guitar and drum setup to vent a distaste of society. Gone is the gruff bark of MacKaye’s past and in place are quite lovely melodies atop rhythmic drumming.

“All These Governors” chugs along with the lyrics “When things should work but don’t work/ That’s the work of all these governors.” Farina shows her importance by offering a steady but creative beat.

“You Won’t Feel a Thing” closes the album with more incredulity for the powers that be. “You won’t feel a thing/ Until the day you wake up,” they sing ominously over the closing, offering a powerfully appropriate summation.

The album shows MacKaye’s age has not given way to apathy, and instead he has found his political fountain of youth once again.