GLBC to be more active

By Jami Peterson

The NIU Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Coalition plans to become more active in the NIU community this year.

According to Brian Turkaly, president of GLBC, the organization will be sponsoring the usual events this year.

However, Turkaly said he hopes to get more members of the organization involved in other campus activities, such as the Campus Activities Board, speaker committees and The Northern Star.

“I hope to have more influence in getting on more committees,” he said. “I want to get more people involved and have more influence over the whole university.”

He said the organization has about 15 members, but would like to have a larger number of participants.

Events the organization plans to sponsor this year include a Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Week during the fall semester to coincide with National Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Day and a Coming Out Day on Oct. 11 during the spring semester to coincide with National Coming Out Week.

Turkaly said the events with the best turnout include social events, such as dances and wine and cheese parties.

Last year, the organization sponsored a lesbian comedian at NIU. Turkaly said this event was very successful and had a strong turnout.

Anyone interested in joining the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Coalition or gaining more information on the organization should call the offices of GLBC at 753-0584 or stop by room 256A in the Holmes Student Center.