Get off the fence, Mr. President

It looks as though President Clinton has been taking decision-making lessons from our very own NIU President John La Tourette.

In his wanting to make everybody happy, President Clinton has only made everyone more upset at him. As it has turned out the president has decided to go with the policy of “don’t tell and we won’t ask” for homosexuals in military service.

It seems that this policy is much like what was occurring before in the military except when and if anyone did find out, the solider was discharged no matter what his or her record. Now homosexuals who serve to protect our country no longer have to worry about getting kicked out of the military simply because they sleep with the “wrong” sex.

No now all they have to worry about is how to lead a happy life style without looking like a homosexual. You see the games haven’t stopped, the rules have been bent a little.

Understandably homosexuals who supported Clinton because they thought he would stand up for their rights feel slighted. This is not to say all Clinton had to do was say the word because as we all know, his record with working with the military is not all roses. He’s more in a position of taking what he can get rather than holding out and making a stink about something like this.

But maybe he should have held out for something—anything—better.

He owes it to the people who voted for him to make a stand one way or another. He is in essence saying that homosexuals are important enough to be killed for their country, but not important enough to admit their sexuality.

By not making a stand, Clinton is making a stand for the spineless.