Student arrested, charged with sexual assault Thurs.

By Nina Gougis

University Police arrested an NIU student on sexual assault and battery charges Thursday.

Trevor A. Zumwalt, 18, of DeKalb was charged for incidents that occurred between Oct. 8 and 9 at 1250 Grant Tower C.

A report of the assault was filed with University Police Oct. 10. Trevor was arrested and taken to the DeKalb County Jail Thursday, where he was released on $5,000 bond the next day.

Trevor, a third-floor resident at Grant Tower C, has been temporarily banned from the residence halls until his hearing, said Michael Coakley, executive director of Student Housing and Dining Services.

Coakley said he only will be allowed to enter the residence halls under the supervision of a staff member to retrieve his belongings.

Philip Zumwalt, father of the accused, said he is shocked by what has happened and is primarily concerned with how Trevor will continue his schooling. Trevor will stay at home during his trial and commute to school, Philip said.

“I am kind of speechless about what happened,” Philip said, “but we are going to be compliant with the law.”

University Police were unable to comment on the incident or the victim’s status, due to the ongoing investigation.

Erica Honeywood, community adviser on the floor of the incident, also declined to comment. The Grant C Hall Director and the community adviser for Grant C3 also were unavailable for comment.

Under the NIU Student Judicial Code, students found guilty of sexual assault can face punishment ranging from a reprimand to expulsion from NIU.

University Police reported five forcible sex offenses taking place on campus last year, down from 13 in 2002.

-Police and Fire Reporter David Gomez contributed to this article.